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Chris is great to work with! Not only is he knowledgeable and experienced, he's also surprisingly very accessible! I'm glad that I get to pick his brain on projects that require a more refined, experienced touch to complete to the clients highest satisfaction.
Diego Lucero, Siam Tek Web Design Group
I would HIGHLY recommend The Wiser Agency! The courses are extremely informative!
Sarah Haan
The Wiser Agency has completely changed our business! They created our brand a website that exceeded our expectations and has dramatically increased our sales. We will never be able to repay the group for what they created for our business.
Jordan Swindell, Swindell Speedlab
Chris is incredibly generous and a well of knowledge. He helped me move from analysis paralysis to setting concrete goals and action steps. At first I wasn’t sure how his methods would transfer to a social enterprise and quickly realized the applicability. The self paced programs are where I started. Our organization tripled profits over 2 years. If you need a coach that will cut out all the noise, provide a roadmap and consistent support, look no further.
August Ball
Chris is one of smartest business minds I’ve ever met, his approachable can-do attitude doesn’t hurt either. Everything he touches turns to gold. Highly Recommended!!!
Umut Bitlisli
Chris totally knows what he's doing when it comes to building out a sales and marketing strategy that drives results. Steps you through where you need help, and teaches you along the way so you're able to do it on your own as you move forward. Absolutely recommended for anyone looking to learn how to be effective FAST.
Bill Aicher
I've known Chris for awhile, but only recently started working with him in that last 5 months or so. Started out first by going through self-paced trainings and group trainings, then worked my way up to 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring. Even in a short period of time, the 1-on-1 coaching has been very valuable to me, both personally and in business. I recommend working with Chris in whatever capacity you can if you want to move forward in your business.
Fred Hughes, Phoenix Technology Solutions
As someone who knows the IT industry from all of the ins and outs, Chris Wiser understands what it means for MSPs, ISVs and VARs to market their businesses, and how important this is. As a former MSP owner, he knows first-hand the challenges, obstacles and roadblocks that can often occur when trying to do this. Therefore, he bases his business model on helping others to learn from his personal and professional experiences and how they can avoid any potential pitfalls and setbacks. Through his dedication to the industry as well as the people within it, Chris and his team at The Wiser Agency strive each day to ensure that clients receive the best services when it comes to marketing and selling. For every client that Chris works with, their success is his success, and his goal is to help them to get to the point where they can eventually be successful at marketing to the point where they can streamline and automate this task to where it becomes second everyday nature. When working with The Wiser Agency, clients can have the peace of mind that they are working with someone that not only wants to help them grow their business and revenue, but also fully understands their business and any pain points they might have. That is what makes Chris and his team stand out; they know the industry, the people and the everyday aspects from firsthand experiences.
Regina Ciardiello
Chris, consistently provides valuable insight, guidance and measurable goals. Even better yet he exceeds those goals validating how much his counsel is worth. I couldn't do it witout him.
Tom Rebholz
Chris helps you generate leads for your business. He knows what he is doing and has proof his methods work. If you want leads follow this guy.
Ashley Harris
Completely changed my business when I started working with the Wiser Agency! He is highly recommended.
Kurt Kleinpeter
Love working with The Wiser Agency. Have seen an immediate increase in prospects since working with them and looking forward to more in the future!
Robin Miller
Don't do any Facebook Ads without contacting The Wiser Agency first. By far the best investment I have made into my business.
Sarah Haan
Chris is a man of action, continuously honing his craft bringing a ton of knowledge to the table with each interaction. From business insight to lead generation and Facebook ads (to name just a few areas of expertise that I have witnessed), his acumen is deep, relevant and ever-expanding through an amazing circle of influence he keeps. What I find to be the most unique skill is his ability to listen to your business's needs (and to help you get clarity on them if you are not 100% crystal clear,) apply his knowledge to your unique circumstances to yield a very specific action plan that will give you results that you can a)understand and duplicate and b)measure in a meaningful way. Something extraordinary about the way he approaches the way he mentors is the way he sets you up to succeed. He not only presents the information that will get you where you need to be, but he also sets the tone for execution .... from the way the courses are structured to the use of mastermind groups to hold people accountable for executing on their action plan. Good info + a solid action plan + accountability = amazing results!
Ron Trotto
Easily one of the most hyper passionate marketing guys I've been involved with. This man does not play around with getting you results for your business. I will warn you, that you should be in a position to start implementing his systems now. This isn't some passive decision for your business. I started a little slow and am now regretting not starting sooner.
RX Fit - Fat Loss Exercise Videos and Podcast
Chris knows his stuff. He's also a great guy who will call you on your cell when you need assistance. I've been at two conferences with him and I have nothing but great respect for his work and what he helps businesses achieve. You definitely have work to do when you sign up with Chris, but he helps you every step of the way and the product is awesome.
Ryan Grimes
We've been working with Chris and The Wiser Agency for several months on digital marketing and business strategy. We couldn't be happier with the growth we've seen in ourselves and our business. Chris really goes above and beyond to help others succeed and we truly appreciate him! If you're ready to work hard and grow your business, Chris is your man!
Nice Guy Technology
The Wiser Agency is a very valuable resource for anyone that wants to "get found" online. Chris and his team are adept at digital marketing and media not only for you and your company but also as a resource for your clients if you are in the digital marketing space.
SMB Networks, LLC
A laser focused marketing company who has the consumers best interest in mind always, they will work with you, you just have to ask.
Vincent Markesino
Chris Wiser is the most knowledgeable business owner that I know as it relates to supporting business owners scale their business. Chris is an expert at Facebook ads, marketing and helping you build a successful business.
Heather DeSantis
So much of coaching is finding the right person can hold you accountable, motivate you and teach you new strategies. My husband and I hired Chris is the fall of 2018 because after talking with him for just under an hour, we knew we had found the right coach for us. Since working with him, we've worked out our sales process for new clients and prospects which has generated almost 175% increase in MRR revenue in just 3 months. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a business/sales/marketing coach that will hold you accountable, motivate you and work side by side with you. If you're looking for someone to give you the "one thing" that will work for your business, or looking for someone to give you excuses, look elsewhere. With Chris, you're going to work and it WILL pay off.
Hallie Tallie
Chris has taught me so much! His knowledge of sales, strategy and so much more has helped to exponentially grow my business while also helping me to feel more balanced and in tune with what my key skills are.
Shelby Kincer

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